Orca Facts

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Killer whale fact number one: Killer whales are the part of the dolphin family. They are largest relative in the sea mammal group. I really do mean LARGE, on average killer whales or Orcas weigh an average 5400 kg and are around 9.7 meters long.

Killer whale fact number two: These beautiful monsters of the sea are carnivores and take a lot of feeding. They’re amongst the most successful predators in the marine world, which is not surprising as it requires a good deal of creature to evade or defeat a huge creature that’s about as heavy as two fully laden Lincoln Continentals and as long an average single decker bus.

Killer whale fact number three: No lone killers, these intelligent creatures live in large family packs of up to approximately 40. Killer whale pods, since these groups are known could be likened to wolf packs in their searching methods. A little known killer whale fact is that there are two quite different types of pods that have different kinds of food taste and even hunt otherwise. ‘Resident’ pods hunt fish while the’transient’ pods hunt and kill marine mammals.

Killer whale fact number four: Orcas are long distance travelers and are common in colder coastal waters but killer whale pods are can be seen hunting around the world from the Poles to the Equator. They are easy to identify being beautifully marked in black and white and they move with extraordinary elegance that belies their massive size. It is another odd killer whale fact that these animals have never been hunted by humans unlike a few of their near relatives.

Killer whale fact number five: Killer whales have lives some living up to 80 decades. Killer whale cows just become pregnant every 3 to 10 years and have a long 17-month pregnancy. Whale calves are cared for and reared in the security of a family pod. Even though it’s well known that members of the dolphin and whale family communicate through distinctive sounds it’s a little known killer whale fact that like human beings from different cultures, every Orca pod has its own individual language which its members can hear and differentiate even from great distances.

Killer whale fact number six: All these ancient creatures are the subject of continuing research and have much to teach us. The killer whales capacity to use echolocation to learn about the size and shape of underwater objects underwater and for communication has enabled its survival. Sometime just in the recent past has man discovered sonar to hunt submarines in war, to discover underwater objects or to maximize our fishing catches. What other gifts will this giant of the seas need to talk with us?

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