Giant panda

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During the adolescence period of lives, toys of bears are rather common. Most children have been profoundly acquainted with bears, but we are unaware of myriad facts about bears. For instance, the huge panda bears in China, one of the terrific variety existing in all corners. Something utterly surprising, some tourists deliberately travel all the way to China just to have sights of the bears. It has been considered that the species of panda in China is one of those extraordinary and exceptional on the planet.

However, it is fascinating to know that these rare species colossal panda bears are a threatened breed on our planet. In actuality, most of us have seen how the famous WWF integrates the panda image as a symbol of their group. These bears have been known to be a common species seen in regions like Gansu, Shaanxi and Sichuan. These provinces are situated in the Southwest district of China, near the Tibetan plateau. As a result of constant threatening of the strain, now there are only approximately 2,500 wild mature pandas out there.

Many parties are extremely perturbed and worried of the extinction of the panda bears in China, especially as a result of massive growth in the China’s economical status. Sanely everybody knows that the consistent growth either in industrialization or modernization would somehow affect the survival of the bears. The jobs taking up vast number of lands and the building of infrastructures will cause the panda’s habitats to be disappeared.

There were already attempts to conserve the gigantic panda bears. More than 50 reserves are created for these bears to occupy. The land covers 2.5 million of acres and it is said that over 60 percent of the bears’ population can be safely protected. The government is also spreading awareness about keeping up the lives of those protected species as they are essential as part of the world’s biodiversity. In actuality, the Chinese government believes that the conservation of pandas can enhance in the tourism industry.

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